The Southland Mission Initiative 

Assisting all fathers to be better care givers 


Our multi skilled team delivers programs in our rural communities on the following subjects; 

These programs are:

       *  Anxiety

       *  Anger Management

       *  Understanding Domestic Violence

       *  Substance Abuse

       *  Fatherhood

       *  Lifeskills 

    All our support workers are skilled in these specific programs; they are delivered through our community resource centres at various locations around the region.  Feedback from participants involved is overwhelmingly positive. Examples of such feedback can be found below:

Anger Management

“The workshop has helped me realise where I have been going wrong with my anger problem. The facilitators have been putting everything into perspective in a clear way and in a way we understand.”

“I believe this course is very good and gives a lot of insight into how you can control anger.”

“I like that it helps give advice about how to avoid the situation and consequences. Teaching thinking before doing something bad with anger.”

“I liked the way the facilitators got the message across. They did a good job”.

“The instructors were pretty cool. They were easy to understand and gave us different ideas of how to look at a situation. The work book was great because it opened up more ideas that could help in my future in certain situations. It was easy to understand”.

“They were very nice people and I can relate to them quite easily. They took the time to try and help us to better ourselves. It means a lot to me and I much appreciate it”.

Life Skills 

“The instructors have been amazing and they really know what they are doing and talking about and that has also helped me to implement the lessons learnt within my own life."


    “Was good to sit down in a group and talk about the problems and how to make my life better and solve the problem as well as talking about goals and achievements we can do”.

    “The workbook helped me realise and understand that I could beat my drug problem”.

    “They are honest and understanding with people’s problems and they help to overcome and understand”.

    Feedback from participants who have attended these workshops continue to be overwhelmingly positive.  Specific examples that highlight the value of the course to participants and the level of skill of our facilitators can be found below. 

“I found the workshop very insightful and that it was a great way to discover things about yourself that you had, until recently, no idea why things were happening the way they did over and over. We have the mental tools now to approach life in a more productive and positive manner”.

“Overall, run well and gained tools and skills to combat my problem which are now not insurmountable by any stretch of the imagination. Life’s not over – it’s just beginning.”

“The workshop was good because through the duration of the course I was able to break down all aspects of myself and now have a better understanding of how I got to where I’m at”.

“It has given me a lot of knowledge and skills I can use when I’m out of jail to make me a more prosocial member of society. I also liked that the facilitators got so involved in the course. They really made it a fun experience and I really love coming here.”

“It brought out issues that were hidden deep inside. The facilitators have made it so easy to talk about things I’ve never told anyone”.

“The way the instructors make us feel we can do what we need to to achieve the goals we set out for. The positive feeling when you walk into the room”.

“The facilitators were ‘encouraging and supportive, positive, insightful and helpful. They were very professional and delivered the knowledge, which was translated at times clearly to understand”.

“I love taking part in the programme and I thank you for helping me learn to be a more prosocial member of society and in the future to be drug free”.

“The instructors were very professional and were easy to get along with. They also made everything clear to understand”.

“I would like to thank the facilitators for the insight they have given me and their easy going nature helped me a great deal participating in class. You are genuine people”.

“They were very helpful and made us feel like they could relate. I was worried that they didn’t really have a clue, but they proved me wrong”.