The Southland Mission Initiative 

Assisting all fathers to be better care givers 

Southland Missions Community Care Initiative 

We are pleased to announce that we have embarked upon the journey of a Support facility within our community.

Here are the components of our Southland Missions LTD Fatherhood equipping services.  We are going to combine elements of parenting, fathering, family violence, suicide and child protection practice to enhance the safety and well-being of children.

The program principles emphasise the need to enhance men’s motivation, promote child-centred fathering, address men’s ability to engage in respectful, non-abusive co-parenting with the children’s mother, recognise that children’s experience of trauma will impact the rate of possible change.  Also to work collaboratively with other specialised service providers to ensure that children benefit (and are not unintentionally harmed) as a result of father’s participation in their children's lives and in intervention.

The largest socio-economic disadvantaged group 

Speaking with the Senior Sergeant of the Laidley police station, he indicated that the biggest problem in the Laidley region is the socio-economic disadvantaged and the high number of single fathers. Compared with fathers heading households with two married parents, single dads are younger, less educated, and less financially well-off within this district.  Also more prone to suicide.  We would also like to start this programme in Gatton, all we need is a premises to operate from.  In Gatton we would like to also run a soup kitchen as well.  If you know of a suitable premises please let us know.

In our investigations the greatest need is; fathers who are ages 15 or older, who are the head of their household, and who report living with their own minor children (biological children, step-children or adopted children) as the primary care givers.   

How are we going to achieve this task?

We are going to partner with organisations who have successfully delivered similar services. We expect that clients will be referred to us by other service providers, community corrections or self-referral.  We also want to conduct a range of community programs in the areas of substance abuse, anger management, anxiety, fatherhood and life skills training.

We are a non-profit organisation taking steps to end father absence by assisting all fathers to be better caregivers. Underlying many of society's most pressing challenges is a lack of father involvement in their children's lives.

Our Mission - To transform organisations and communities by equipping them to intentionally and proactively engage fathers in their children's lives.

Our Vision - For every child to grow up with an involved, responsible, and committed father.

Donations needed:
  • Funds for refurbishment - $65,000.00  Click here to view our building materials list.  Any assistance would be muchly appreciated.  
  • Funds for establishing development programs - $25,000.00
  • Office furniture - computers, photocopiers, office chairs and reception desk (wanting a small bar, building was first built as a pub) 
  • 12 seater bus 

We develop and deliver specialised education, support and mentoring programs for fathers that are uniquely father-focused, including fatherhood mentoring sessions, expectant and new fathers groups and Indigenous fathers circles.

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How to support men

We know that men get a great deal of support and connection by just hanging out and knowing what’s going on with their mates.

Yet, blokes aren’t always that good at starting the conversation to check in if they’re worried about another male friend.  Many men are wired up to keep their feelings to themselves, to just ‘get on with it’, and they have the attitude of ‘she’ll be right mate’.  Men are told, if they talk about their emotions or concerns ‘don’t be a girl’, these are things the men in our lives of old have led us to believe.  Men need to realise that their feelings and thoughts need attending as well. 

Men are told, directly and indirectly, time after time, that talking about how they’re feeling is somehow weak or un-manly.  This kind of thinking can be harmful, not just for men themselves, but for the people around them as well.  I believe ‘to man up’ in this day and age is to be aware of our emotions and feelings so we can be the best male representative we can, for other venerable men in our world. 

Manning up, and being masculine is not denying feelings and emotions.  However, finding the correct tools to assist and help men in a way that they do not lose their masculinity and still obtain and receive the help necessary to overcome the challenges that men face more and more each day is significant and essential.

Showing our mates that we’re here for them might mean sucking it up and starting the tough conversation, especially if we’re worried about them.  It could be the moment you prevent your mate from taking his life, and that’s worth the temporary weirdness you might feel when starting the conversation with them and assisting them on the journey of recovery.

What men need is more supportive males helping them to be better men and fathers.  Not people telling them how worthless they are or how weak they are.  The male identity has been attacked and eroded away over the last thirty years.  Men need to once again know their value and worth and how to be great contributors to our society as healthy, involved, responsible and committed men once again. 

FWI PLAINLAND - Kenyan Orphans program

    We have twelve Orphans whom we caring for, these Orphans are placed into family homes who are Church members.  We felt this was the best way to care for these children and look after their needs.

    All it costs to care for these orphans is $40.00 AU a month, these funds go towards their schooling, clothing and one hardy meal a day.  You can sponsor a child or you can support our mission work by giving a donation to our missions fund.  Click here

    These are the orphans we are needing sponsors for, to help them on their educational journey please consider donating $40.00AU a month.

Annah Mauti - Click here

Eulix Mike Ochego - Click here

Emmanuel Ongogo Otondi - Click here

Felix Arori -  Click here

Gloriah Nedege - Click here

Mercy Osebe Nyabuto - Click here

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We believe underlying many of society's most pressing challenges is a lack of understanding about dealing with the emotional healing and wholeness for men.

Our Vision - To assist organisations and communities by equipping them to intentionally and proactively engage in programs that bring transformation, healing, and wholeness for men from all walks of life.

Our Mission – To bring awareness to men that they are truly loved, and it can and will be ok to seek and find help.

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Shiloh Christian Care believe that every person is important to God and that He is actively interested in each person's life to bless them and help them through any difficulties that may arise in their life. In Shiloh Christian Care we seek to partner in this by showing God's love in practical ways.

Our program provides emergency food assistance to people referred to us by community organisations, and we in turn provide referrals to services offered by other community organisations - a 'network of care' you could call it.You can help by making food or financial donations, or by volunteering your time in this vital ministry.Shiloh Christian Care Operating Hours:
Open 9am to 1pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
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The current project will see the development of a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility in the Lockyer Valley, which caters specifically for mothers who have struggled with a substance use disorder in the past. The facility would enable a mother with up to two children (under the age of 10 years) to seek treatment while continuing to care for her children.  

Our program is for up to three mothers who have shown that they are ready to receive help and make a meaningful contribution to the community.   To enter the program, the women must not be currently dependent on drugs or alcohol. There are several programs available that are able to assist women who are currently addicted to drugs or alcohol, however, this is not in the scope of the Grace Homestead program. Professionally trained staff will deliver the program and will provide 24 hour supervision.

We believe that each of these women have hope, purpose, and a future.  With a consistent, caring environment, and evidence-based therapeutic intervention, we will provide the optimal conditions for the women to make meaningful contributions to society.  

Only a handful of similar centres which allow mothers to care for their children during rehabilitation operate across Australia.  This has left a gap in service provision to this population. Similar centres operating overseas have reported effective outcomes such as lower relapse rates, increase in social responsibility, and self-sufficiency¹.

Drug and alcohol abuse is a prevalent issue affecting people in the Lockyer Valley and across the state. The effects of substance abuse not only affect the individual and their responsibilities, but also extend to the family unit, the individual’s ability to contribute to the community, and society as a whole.  

It is our hope that we can see families restored in our region.

¹ Conners, Bradley, Whiteside-Mansell,& Crone, 2001

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