The Southland Mission Initiative 

Assisting all fathers to be better care givers 

Our Fatherhood Program

This document contains our vision and what we intend to provide.

Mobilisation Initiative

This document shows how we are going to invite our community leaders to be involved in the Community Mobilisation Approach for this initiative.


Statistics fact sheet

A world-first study spanning three years found that every day, on average, ambulances attended to 82 men who had either tried to take their own lives or were having serious thoughts about it.

Community Hub Brief

Disadvantaged clients have insufficient knowledge of available services and face issues accessing services across multiple service providers. There is a need to link service provision to needs and encourage collaboration.

Guide for mentoring Fathers

This Southland Missions Initiatives Guide to Mentoring Fathers encourages you, the experienced father, to be involved in mentoring other fathers within your “circle of influence” and within the Southland Missions Initiative. 

Course outline

This is the course outline for our Facilitation Training program - If you are a trainer you can run it in your location or employ one of our trainers to run it for you.