The Southland Mission Initiative 

Assisting all fathers to be better care givers 

The objects for which the Organisation has been established as a Public Benevolent Institution to provide;

a. A Mission ministry for the relief of poverty, suffering, distress, misfortune and helplessness of people where so ever found in Australia, regardless of age, sex, race, ethnic background, religion, political beliefs or marital status.

b. As a committed Mission based ministry, to assist by all means available, people who are homeless, unemployed, sole parents or otherwise disadvantaged, including but not limited to the foregoing, the provision of any of the following:

    Food parcels, clothing, furniture or other household articles.

    Emergency cash relief and/or other monetary assistance.

c. To acquire and operate halfway houses and rehabilitation facilities for people in need regardless of age, sex, race, ethnic background, religion, political beliefs or marital status, in the areas of:

    - Alcoholism.

    - All forms of drug abuse.

    - Those in need of emergency accommodation.

d. To provide Mission based counseling and support facilities regardless of age, sex, race, ethnic background, religion, political beliefs or marital status, in the areas of:

    - Marriage breakdown.

    - Wayward children.

    - The emotionally distressed.

    - Alcohol, drug and smoking rehabilitation.

    - Rape or sexual abuse.

e. To assist in the preparation of legal documentation such as Domestic Violence and Protection Orders and the witnessing of such by suitably qualified personnel.

Projects we support

  • Food Hampers/Parcels etc.
  • Vouchers – Food, Fuel, Toys etc. (whatever the need requires)
  • Various Feeding Programmes
  • Whitegoods, furniture, clothes, toiletries etc. for disadvantaged and needy people
  • Assist with bill payment in some crisis situations
  • Drop-in Center support
  • Helping children in need with food, clothes, school needs etc.
  • School Breakfast Feeding Programmes
  • Christmas gifts for needy families
  • Visitation for needy families in the bush (incl. whatever the needs revealed)
  • Physical support for country families, especially after natural disasters
  • Supporting People with disabilities in the local community
  • Prison Ministry support
  • Domestic Violence Shelters support
  • Women’s shelter support for those who want to leave prostitution / drugs etc.


  • Wells for those who have no water
  • Bio Sand Filters for those who have dirty water
  • Child Trafficking Rescue
  • Boy / Girl Soldier Rescue
  • Sponsoring Individual Orphans
If you would like to see if your project fits within the scope of our PBI and Tax deductibility project so you can raise Tax deductable funds, ask us for a copy of our "Prescribed objective rules for mission projects."

Members of our organisation share a joint commitment to the following core values.

1. The Nature of Mission
We believe that Mission:

  1. Has its source in the self-giving love of our Lord Jesus.
  2. Is the responsibility of all people, and grows out of a willingness to participate in the needs of humanity and the care for our communities.
  3. Involves demonstrating and living the Gospel especially where it is unknown, ignored or repudiated.
  4. Embraces holistic involvement in both evangelism and social concern.
  5. An important assignment given to a person or group of people. 
  6. A strongly felt aim, ambition, or calling to help.

2. The Context of Mission
We take seriously:

  1. The historical and cultural identity of all people-groups as God’s creatures.
  2. The need to demonstrate God’s unchanging love, meaningfully and relevantly to all people-groups.
  3. The power inherent in cultures, including our own, to distort the truth.