Teaching the Word of FAITH and 
                                the healing power of JESUS

    We are an Australian (TGR, PBI) Tax Deductible Gift Recipient, Public Benevolent Institution, Charitable Organization based on the Missions principle, and we are a Not for Profit Organization that is run by volunteers.

    Southland Missions LTD. started operating in May 2003 with a vision to help the poor and the needy in Australia and beyond, and wherever possible find a way for these same people to help themselves.  

    As there is so much need in this vast Nation of ours, we have expanded our ministry to team up with like-minded organisations and we have found this to work well.  Southland Missions is reaching many more hurting people without having to increase our membership.  Our vision is to increase our giving in the current areas plus expand to help those that think that no one knows or even cares about their hardship.

    We at Southland Missions realise that the problem is huge and we can't help everybody, but maybe, just maybe we can help a few children and families turn their lives completely around.  Why?  Because a few ordinary Aussies and businesses in Australia decided to show that they care about others and put their money into "Treating Others As They Want To Be Treated."

"As we do more together we can achieve more"

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Our objectives and goals

  • To provide love, food, shelter, clothing, education, safe drinking water and medication for people in need.
  • Help lower the number of street kids and abandoned children in the community. 
  • Improve access to education for underprivileged kids by creating and maintaining a sponsorship program.
  • Helping people who are not academically inclined to acquire technical skills which allow them to support themselves for the future.
  • Build refuges, rehabilitation centers and orphanages that will raise, nurture and rehabilitate individuals with a loving and caring environment.
  • Train and educate committed caring staff to assist in the raising and nurturing of these projects.
  • To develop resources to help sustain a healthy diet and income stream. 
  • To provide accommodation, schooling, clothing and food for people in need.